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Reforming Utopia

For all the flowery words and extravagant illustrations we could put forth, the concept is rather simple—collectively, we’re capable of legitimate wonders and we desire to have everything we need and do whatever we want. 

You Are Here

We are far too calm about the fact that anything exists, let alone everything.

Trinitarianism Critically Explained

We worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity; neither confounding the persons, nor dividing the substance. For there is one person of the Father, another of the Son, and another of the Holy Spirit.But the Godhead of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit is all one, the glory equal,…

The Reparation: Marxism, Race, and The Way Forward

There are two competing views at war with one another this moment over the soul of the West, both of which offer a remedy, and only one of which can deliver a cure. And racism is being used as a pawn in this clash of attrition. 


Torture is knowing the hugs expire. Knowing that little hands grow big and wave goodbye. 

The Truth About Apostasy

Can a Christian move from a state of adoption by God and justification, completely forgiven for all their many sins and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, to being an object of unrelenting scorn from the God they once called Abba? 

What Does America Need?

With millions out of work and the country on lockdown due to the COVID-19 response, countless Americans are wondering just when things will return back to normal. But contrary to popular opinion, America does not need a return to normalcy. In fact, that’s the last thing we need.

Why Governments Fail

It’s fashionable in our day to wax poetic about justice for all and equality, especially in the financial realm and often by individuals who vilify the very people that they themselves are—elitist bags of money, drunk on power.

Saint Patrick, In His Own Words

Born in the 5th Century, Saint Patrick found his home in a Roman controlled province of Great Britain. That is until at the age of 16, Irish raiders laid siege to the province and carried Patrick into slavery. It was there that God began to instill in him a zealous heart for the Lord. After 6…

Theonomy, Naturally

Recently, the Reformed blogosphere has seen no small commotion concerning the issue of Theonomy, an allegedly novel position on the relationship of modern governments to the Judicial Laws of Moses. Scott Clark and Friends have been taking pot-shots at Theonomy for longer than anyone cares to remember; whether their marksmanship finds purchase on the broad…

Why Progressivism is Inherently Religious

When men reject God, it’s not a neutered—devotionless act. We are homo-religioso, creatures of worship. It’s how we were made. And when we kick against God’s unfettered graces, it’s because we (to our shame) desire something else.

Faith, Suffering, and the Purpose of God

Soon after my conversion from atheism to Christianity in early 2014, I became involved in the Pentecostal movement. Over the next year and a half, I began to move toward the Charismatic movement, and one branch in particular—the New Apostolic Reformation, so-called. I was an avid follower of Bill Johnson, the alleged ‘apostle’ of Bethel…

Traces of Glory: Resensitizing Your Sense of Wonder

The one lie common to us all is the collective delusion that ordinary exists. We are self aware, existentially curious arrangements of minerals hurling around a giant ball of fire at Mach-86 on a rock that’s 99% molten—as in melted, and we (quite literally) can’t be bothered.

Good News to Spread Far and Wide

“From eternity, even before the world began, the Only God—Father, Son, and Spirit had a plan. A redemptive, graciously merciful, self-revealing plan. A loving plan. A scheme to save helpless rotten sinners from the justice they deserve for the sin they’ve enjoyed. God was going to let the axe of His fury fall on Himself…

When the Darkness Overwhelms

October 12th, 2019. Three year old Kamille McKinney was abducted; taken from a birthday party, drugged, sexually assaulted, killed, and then discarded in a dumpster. Put your phone down and think about that for a minute. Three years old. For her to die apart from anybody she loved and who loved her, terrified and abased,…

Euthyphros Worst Nightmare: How Christianity Solves an Age Old Riddle

Have you ever wondered about the many thousands of religions that exist, and how anyone could seriously claim to have the truth amidst the sea of diverse worshippers on the Earth? Is it not the height of arrogance to profess to know what’s really real about reality? Well, no. Not really.  I understand completely the atmosphere of…

You Can’t Say That George

“It’s a commonly held belief today that government and religion should  have absolutely no comingling. This view is popular, not because it has precedence in the history and founding of our nation, but because the increased secularization of our culture is demanding to be loosed from the shackles of Christian virtue.”

What Epstein Did Not Do

Recounting Epstein’s crimes, the powerful politicians and businessmen implicated, the strings that were pulled to keep his story underground for years prior to his arrest, and how he never stood trial for the countless image-bearers he destroyed, one begins to get the sense that the scales of justice aren’t unbalanced— they’re starved.

A Sound Theory

“Music does indeed take us to another world. Or, more accurately, it points us there.” Randy Newman Sound is heard when a vibrating object physically interacts with a medium (air, water, etc.), creating a wave of oscillating high and low pressure particles which rattle our eardrums, our brain then interprets the vibrations and gives us the…

The Contentious Conversion of Kanye West

A wide range of reactions to Kanye West’s new profession of faith in Jesus Christ have been displayed on social media over the past few weeks. To some, this is the beginning of a cultural revival that will launch us into the millennium (#DatPostmil). To others, it couldn’t be clearer that Ye is a false…

The Crucifixion of a King

Something serious has happened to Kanye West. Millions are in shock as reports continue to flood in which confirm that the King of Hip-hop has been…

The End of the World

“Far from being a Trumpian exercise in self pleasuring, God’s Creation is the Master Canvas, a portrait of all things undeniably glorious and wonderful. It’s a work that can only be fully comprehended by Himself, yet one that not only He enjoys, but is capable of enjoying Him back.”

The Fountain of Human Dignity

In many everyday conversations, when drafting public policy, in all acts of charity, and behind every selfless sacrifice is one crystal clear assumption, that human beings are intrinsically valuable. But have you ever thought about why that is, or if it’s even true?

Christianity and Aliens: Need I Say More?

I grant that aliens are a possibility (and think it would be cool if they were somewhere beyond the horizon sucking oxygen, or whatever else aliens inhale). Yet I still believe Christianity is objectively true, and I trust I would even if Thor himself showed up on my doorstep. Let me explain why.

Autonomy: Not Worth It

Rejecting Christ because of the felt-obligations you perceive He will place on your life is tantamount to rejecting the largest contract in baseball history because of a clause in the fine print that would prohibit you from chewing tobacco on the field.